Thursday, February 17, 2011

Broken Ankle

Its almost been a year, where has the time gone? So I figured hey all my friends with blogs have been up dating theres, so Its time I update mine. I mean really I'm just sitting here with my ankle elevated. (Yes, I broke it). Hoped on a side walk while I was walking into Raleys (a grocery store) and snap, crackel, pop it broke, Uggg. Anyway I have my two wonderful cousins helping me with the kiddos (who are getting so big) and I get a new cast tomorrow, along with them moving my foot to a 90 degree angle. OoooUUCHH! Yeah thats not going to feel to good, but I'm on the road to recovery and the outpouring of blessings has been amazing. Even this little accident has been a blessing, its taught me to SSSLLOWWW Down and smell the roses and to enjoy the little moments that I have with my little ones.

So how much longer do I have with this cast, I think about 2 months, then Physical Therapy starts, and YES I will be wearing high heels again.