Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hubbie's Bike Race

For the past couple of months on Wednesday nights hubbie has been involved in a Bike race, so Jess, Will, Little lady and I all meet there and have dinner and watch hubbie race, it is quite fun and hubbie, I believe is 2nd over all in his division. He only has a couple of races left, so hopefully he can keep his no. 2 spot or move to 1st. We will see what happens I will keep you posted. 

Little lady enjoying the race.
Where is daddy?
Jess and Will, one of the cutest pictures EVER! 

Can you believe how dirty he gets?

Go hubbie Go! 
Smile for your fans! 

Happy Birthday Little Lady

On May 3, Little lady Turned 2. Here are some photos from her birthday party.

Our 2 yr. old birthday hat. 

The pretty party dress, she is soo cute.

Reading with her buddy Carter

Ciana and Tracy

The Birthday Girls, Aunt Neli and Little Lady.

Opening Presents with Nana

Everyone having fun

Cute Sunny's thanks Shana.

Playing Pin the tail on the donkey, I think Ciana got the closest. 

Little lady had a great birthday, she got a new kitchen from Nana a new bedroom set from Papa (which mommy hasn't set up yet because she has to do some painting) Also, a baby stroller, clothes, radio flyer tricycle from Great Grandpa Sofio and a bunch of other stuff. After the Strawberry cake and Ice Cream she was super tired. It was definitely a great birthday. 

A fun day at the discovery museum in Sacramento

This was at the end of April, we ventured to the Discovery Museum Science and Space Center. Its not as cool as most space centers, but for Sacramento it will do.  Little lady enjoyed it she liked looking at all the bones and learning about the animals that they had on display. 

Mr. Turtle, he was super cute and little lady was facinated with him.

This is the largest bunny I have ever seen. I had to take a picture of him.

Whoa, what are you looking at? 

Daddy and little lady checking out the turtle shell. 

Wow really since April. This was Easter.

The dress on the left is what little lady wore to the Easter egg hunt. We met her little best friend and her parents for the Easter egg hunt and had a great time. The dress on the right is what she wore to brunch with her big cousin Katherine. It was a beautiful day and we got to sit outside. 

Above is Little lady and her best friend in matching dresses. They were seriously soooo cute.  This one on the left is the facial expression of what little lady thought of the Easter bunny. He kinda freaked her out.