Thursday, February 17, 2011

Broken Ankle

Its almost been a year, where has the time gone? So I figured hey all my friends with blogs have been up dating theres, so Its time I update mine. I mean really I'm just sitting here with my ankle elevated. (Yes, I broke it). Hoped on a side walk while I was walking into Raleys (a grocery store) and snap, crackel, pop it broke, Uggg. Anyway I have my two wonderful cousins helping me with the kiddos (who are getting so big) and I get a new cast tomorrow, along with them moving my foot to a 90 degree angle. OoooUUCHH! Yeah thats not going to feel to good, but I'm on the road to recovery and the outpouring of blessings has been amazing. Even this little accident has been a blessing, its taught me to SSSLLOWWW Down and smell the roses and to enjoy the little moments that I have with my little ones.

So how much longer do I have with this cast, I think about 2 months, then Physical Therapy starts, and YES I will be wearing high heels again.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Well its been a while.... as usual. New Photos YAY!

So here are some new photos of the kiddos.
Whats been going on? Lady Bug had her first ever Dance Recital, she was absolutely fantastic and sooo cute. Little Man is getting sooo big and standing he can stand by himself for about 10 seconds. I will try to video it. Love and hugs.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Just some cute photos of my little ones. The facial expressions of my little lady are PRICELESS!!! I wish I could capture every one!

Hello Ladies!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nana's here.

Well Nana's was here this weekend and LadyBug was thrilled. That is now Little Lady's new nickname. She is just so stinking cute like a lady bug. Anyway mom came into town this weekend and we had a blast with the kiddos. We went to the Disney Store and LadyBug got a tinker bell dress with the shoes and everything. She was sooo excited.

I personally am not a big fan of Disney, I think a COUPLE of things are OK but it can be sooo over welming and it can really take over your house. Disney this and Disney that. What happened to the Care Bears man. So I'm having a hard time trying to find a balance, but I digress.

We had a great time with Nana and she even let hubbie and I go out on a DATE, that was WONDERFUL. We talked, ate, took a cozy walk I love date nights. We also celebrated my Mom's 39th Birthday YAY, along with Cake, Ice Cream and Presents. She was surprised and loved her gifts. I will post pictures when I get them out of the camera.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

WOW!!! its been awhile.

So I decided to work on the blog again. Its been 8 months WOW!! Time sure fly's when you are having fun and have 2 little ones. How are the kiddos? ell little man is just getting bigger and bigger and the little lady is so smart and so much fun to be around. She says the funnies things I have started to write them down just so I remember. For example: Hubby was shaving his head and little lady asked:

LL: "Daddy what are you doing?"
H: "Shaving my head"
LL: "Why?"
H: "Because there is hair on my head"
LL: "Daddy, you don't have hair on your head, you have hair on your boobs".

Oh boy we laughed and laughed

Big Sister
Little Brother SOOOO BIG
Family Photo Cozy.

Now for what's been going on.
This is Tiffany and Blaize they were Married on
February 8, 2010.
I love them, they are wonderful people and I know
God will bless them with a wonderful life together.
What's been going on. Well were just in Tahoe for the ELOPMENT (if that is even a word) of my girlfriend Tiffany and Her new Hubby Blaize. My family, her family and friends all celebrated the special day. It was beautiful they got married on a pier, on the Lake. It was cold but totally worth it.
The wedding was fantastic. After we got home Madeline got sick with phenemonia, little man and hubbie were fine. So was I but she had a fever for 5 days. She is all better now and back to running around like a 2.5 yr old should.

Friday, July 24, 2009


 Well this month Little Lady transitioned to a BIG girl bed. First we tried to convert her crib, to where the front railing is off, but that didn't work to well, she is to tall and kept falling out. So finally I took the full size bed from the spare room and made it her NEW big girl bed, and she loves it. It is quit cozy if I do say so myself. 

Our first attempt.
Story time
2nd and finally attempt
She loves it.

YAY, I'm a big kid now. 

July 11, My Baby Shower

 On July 11, I had a baby shower at Piatti's in Roseville. It was totally cozy, the them was Sweets and Treats. We had fruit, cupcakes, a chocolate fountain with strawberries, marsh mellows and pine apple, then we had little chocolate pastries, oh it was delicious. Lots of friends and family showed up and boy did the little man get some great gifts
The colors of the baby's room are Blue, Orange and Gray so I decided to do the centerpieces for the tables in orange and blue vases, with orange and white flowers. Then there were little flags I made that read "Its a Boy" It turned out SOOOOOO cute.

These were the favors little tins, with blue and white stars that were Bubble Bath Confetti.

YAY, Baby shower Games

Jessica won this game, the Nursery Rhyme game.

Baby Joseph, my cousin Kelly's baby. He is so cute only 2 months old.

GIRLFRIENDS! Love them, to bad there isn't a picture with me and them two. 

Marcie playing the diaper game.

hahaha, the best part about this game was peoples reactions. Karly loved it.

So did Tracy

Presents, My auntie Karen made this cute little jacket for the baby, I'm trying to get her to make me a matching on in an Adult size. Everyone including myself fell in love with this little jacket.  She will be selling them one day, I will be sure to let everyone know when the time comes. 
I love Presents!