Friday, January 23, 2009

Kids say The Darndest Things

Last night I was in the kitchen trying to prepare dinner and little lady kept pulling on my leg, or pulling on my pant strings, I kept pulling her away and showing her, how to play with her toys. Only to find that when I came back into the kitchen she would be right behind me. So after a couple of minutes of her doing this and winning I say to her.

"Little lady do you need some attention?"

Her Response.


I laugh and say "really!"

She says


I love the perfect dialogue and perfect timing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dance, Dance, Dance

  Last week little lady and I joined a mommy and me dance class. It was a lot of fun, last week I didn't have my camera so this week I brought it and took some super cute photos of little lady and her friend London who is also in the class. (Yes, little lady and London do a lot together, they are like best friends, not to mention she has a really cool mom.) 
 Little lady finally fit into the pink horse tutu that Uncle Mark and Aunt Jocelyn got her. It is so cute watching them try to do do Plea's and Sashays. 

Lizzy's Wedding

    This weekend was quite a busy weekend. My cousin Lizzy got Married to Franklin in San Jose on Saturday, so we stayed the night and went to San Francisco on Sunday with Whol (that is how little lady says Will), Jesca (Jessica) and Jilly Bean, she was in town visiting from Seattle. 

The wedding was absolutely beautiful, it was in the Portuguese Church in Downtown San Jose, it had beautiful stain glass windows and large columns, gorgeous figurines of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. My Cousin Lizzy wore her Grandmother's Wedding Dress, which looked amazing on her. It was in pristine condition.  The reception was right after the wedding and my whole family was there it was like a family reunion, surprisingly no one got on each others nerves. Which is always a plus. ha ha We danced the night away and had a blast.

   Then on Sunday we went to San Francisco and went to Union Square ate breakfast, then to Pier 39 to see the sea lions, we then walked to Telegraph Hill where they have wild parrots living in the trees, and wow! what a beautiful view of the city.  From there we decided to eat dinner in North Beach (little Italy) then walk back to Union Square and head home. It was an an amazing day, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, the sun was shining it had to be about 70 degrees.  What a fun weekend. 

Swim Lessons

   Little lady has been taking swim lessons for a couple of months now, so hubbie was off on Monday and I was so excited because he was going to come to swim with us and get into the pool YAY! little lady had a great time, they kicked there legs, move there arms and blow bubbles. Little lady's friend London is also in the class, they like to play and kick water at each other. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy New Year. 19 Days Late

We had a great new year celebration. We had a party at my house, with K, Chaz, Jess, hubbie, Grandma Georgia and myself. Little lady was to tired to stay up until midnight. Hubbie made a fabulous feast along with an amazing desert, I got to be bartender and then things got fun, we danced drank and took many "White Snake Video Photos" hahaha. 

Not my best angle...
Mom and I

The day After....

FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY.... I have time to post

Ok, so here is what happened in December.
First little lady went to her first theatrical production of the "Littlest Nuttcracker" Which was put on by Tricks! it was sooo cute, I can't wait until little lady can wear these costumes.

Then We finally decorated our HUGE TREE!

We went to San Francisco with Papa and went Ice Skating for the first time, it was so much fun.

Getting ready to skateIce Skating with daddy.

Oh and we ran into the Grinch along the way.

Family photo by the pretty tree.

P.S. Yes I am wearing a Fanny pack, its a really cool one though.

Then it was PAPA's birthday December 22. to be exact. We had a little family celebration here at the house with Cake, Ice Cream and Presents. I think he had a good time.

Then there was Christmas, Nana and Grandma Georgia and so was Papa. What a treat to have the grandparents all together for the holidays, and boy we had a Christmas feast along with tons!!!! of presents. For some reason I didn't get any photos, I don't know why but we had fun.

that was December... Whew!!!