Friday, July 24, 2009


 Well this month Little Lady transitioned to a BIG girl bed. First we tried to convert her crib, to where the front railing is off, but that didn't work to well, she is to tall and kept falling out. So finally I took the full size bed from the spare room and made it her NEW big girl bed, and she loves it. It is quit cozy if I do say so myself. 

Our first attempt.
Story time
2nd and finally attempt
She loves it.

YAY, I'm a big kid now. 

July 11, My Baby Shower

 On July 11, I had a baby shower at Piatti's in Roseville. It was totally cozy, the them was Sweets and Treats. We had fruit, cupcakes, a chocolate fountain with strawberries, marsh mellows and pine apple, then we had little chocolate pastries, oh it was delicious. Lots of friends and family showed up and boy did the little man get some great gifts
The colors of the baby's room are Blue, Orange and Gray so I decided to do the centerpieces for the tables in orange and blue vases, with orange and white flowers. Then there were little flags I made that read "Its a Boy" It turned out SOOOOOO cute.

These were the favors little tins, with blue and white stars that were Bubble Bath Confetti.

YAY, Baby shower Games

Jessica won this game, the Nursery Rhyme game.

Baby Joseph, my cousin Kelly's baby. He is so cute only 2 months old.

GIRLFRIENDS! Love them, to bad there isn't a picture with me and them two. 

Marcie playing the diaper game.

hahaha, the best part about this game was peoples reactions. Karly loved it.

So did Tracy

Presents, My auntie Karen made this cute little jacket for the baby, I'm trying to get her to make me a matching on in an Adult size. Everyone including myself fell in love with this little jacket.  She will be selling them one day, I will be sure to let everyone know when the time comes. 
I love Presents!

July 4th, Independence Day

 For the 4th of July we hung out with our good friends The Miscisin's. We had dinner at our house then we were going to light some fireworks, however we are not allowed to have fireworks in our area soooooo... we had to go to The Miscisin's house and light them, it was lots of fun. We had Sparklers (which are not as cool as they were when I was a kid), Snakes, Popper things, snappers and bouncing roses. Little lady got a bit nervous with the fireworks but overall I think she liked them. Oh and we had some delicious watermelon. What is the 4th of July with out watermelon? I would post pictures, but I don't have any they are on Mrs. Miscisin's camera. Bummer.

Now JULY: JASON's Birthday also the Prairie City Bike Race Awards Ceremony

  July 1 was Hubbie's 35th Birthday and the Prairie City Bike race awards ceremony, so I surprised him with a Birthday party at Beal's Point in Folsom. He loved it Jess, Will, Robyn, Ed, Jody, Matthew, London, Frank, Madeline and I were all there. We had cake, presents and good conversation. We also, got to see Hubbie WIN 2nd Place in his Cycling 35-39 sport class. WAY TO GO. (He got 2nd place, but had the MOST no. 1 victories, so he says wait until next year he is going to take no. 1) It was a great day, and the weather didn't get to hot, thankfully for the prego lady.
The party

The Awards Ceremony


Happy 35th, Yes those are sparklers for candles. They are the coolest, I know.


Our favorite Neighbor

London and Jody

Matthew and London

Jessica and Jody

Eddie, Frank, Me and Stew enjoying the festivities.

More of June-The Placerville County Fair.

We went to the Placerville county fair, which was a total blast. Little lady went on rides then got to pet the animals. The fair was WAY better than the Sacramento County Fair. This one was in the trees so not as hot and they had animals for little lady to pet and she got to ride on her very first pony. 
Little lady and daddy making piggy noises.
Petting the goats

A Lion bunny that looks like bomber

The sheep wanted a kissy kiss.

and he got one. So cute.
"wheeeeeeee" down the slide.

YAY Dragon Ride

Her first pony ride. The funny thing was she was nodding her head like the pony's were. 

I'm to cool to look at you mom.

Wow is it already July? Well almost the end of July. So here is what happened in June

Christy Mann got married to Ryan Witz and It was a fantastic wedding. 

Little Lady and Daddy Dancing

Anthony and Little Lady having a big conversation

A little boy wanting to talk with little lady, this should be on a Hallmark card somewhere.

Anthony and his cousin Bella

I now pronounce you husband and wife.

The proud father walking his daughter down the isle.