Friday, July 24, 2009

Now JULY: JASON's Birthday also the Prairie City Bike Race Awards Ceremony

  July 1 was Hubbie's 35th Birthday and the Prairie City Bike race awards ceremony, so I surprised him with a Birthday party at Beal's Point in Folsom. He loved it Jess, Will, Robyn, Ed, Jody, Matthew, London, Frank, Madeline and I were all there. We had cake, presents and good conversation. We also, got to see Hubbie WIN 2nd Place in his Cycling 35-39 sport class. WAY TO GO. (He got 2nd place, but had the MOST no. 1 victories, so he says wait until next year he is going to take no. 1) It was a great day, and the weather didn't get to hot, thankfully for the prego lady.
The party

The Awards Ceremony


Happy 35th, Yes those are sparklers for candles. They are the coolest, I know.


Our favorite Neighbor

London and Jody

Matthew and London

Jessica and Jody

Eddie, Frank, Me and Stew enjoying the festivities.