Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hubbie's Bike Race

For the past couple of months on Wednesday nights hubbie has been involved in a Bike race, so Jess, Will, Little lady and I all meet there and have dinner and watch hubbie race, it is quite fun and hubbie, I believe is 2nd over all in his division. He only has a couple of races left, so hopefully he can keep his no. 2 spot or move to 1st. We will see what happens I will keep you posted. 

Little lady enjoying the race.
Where is daddy?
Jess and Will, one of the cutest pictures EVER! 

Can you believe how dirty he gets?

Go hubbie Go! 
Smile for your fans! 


Kristin said...

Jason has always been a go-getter!! :) Madeline is soo cute too!!

Loving Wife to Matthew and Mommy to London said...

Man Jason does get dirty! I Love the picture if Jessica and her boyfriend! Go Jason!