Friday, October 24, 2008

How cute is my husband

Since this is my new blog, I feel that I should post up many different blogs today.  Recently I received this from my wonderful hubbie.

"The randomness of life brought us together
love & respect made us one
how lucky we are for such a chain of events
as many spend their lives searching for what we share
joy, sorrow, laughs, hugs, passion
true love has been a blessing in our lives
hour after hour, month after month, year after year
we share our lives together, growing closer every moment
time will pass - family, friends & the world will come & go
but at the end of it all, there will always be our love"

How true it is...


Billy said...

Your husband is pretty cute- I use to find myself staring at him when he would attend my spin class, all tall and sweaty...j/k
I am really stoked to read this. You guys are a great couple and in in a time full of distractions it is rare to witness success but the two of you are the definition of the word.
Everyone had always told me when the right one comes along you will know and I never knew how I would know, but with Angelina I have learned -- its about considering the other person. For us selfish people (maybe you fall into this category) that is a big deal. Its obvious you and J put each other first as well.
Keep blogging and I will keep reading(responding!)

TeeCap said...

Could he BE any sappier?

Okay, I'm just kidding. You know we've been big supporters of Urataschwartz, Inc. since the beginning.