Friday, November 21, 2008

Apple Hill

Yesterday was a great day. It started in the morning when I was getting ready to go to Apple Hill with London and Jody, and Little Lady was in the bathroom with me playing. I sneezed and Little Lady says "bes uoo". It was the first time she has ever said that. I was surprised and happy at the same time, it was the cutest thing. From that I though "Today is going to be a great day".

Jody and London met at my house at 9, I made us cozy coffee and off we went to Apple Hill. I must confess I was totally excited to have a new friend to do something with. We talked and talked, the girls were in the back laughing and having fun. When we got to Apple Hill we saw a 1500 lb pumpkin, some ducks and a bunch of crafts. We were a bit disappointed that the pony rides only go Friday to Monday. I thought "Why not Thursday, I mean there are some mom's out there who don't want to deal with the crowds on a weekend, can't we be open Thursday to Monday?"sign, Oh well. So we went and bought some fresh Apple Juice instead.

After Apple Hill, we decided to head back down the hill and get some lunch in Placerville, at the Buttercup Pantry. Food was pretty good the Apple Pie was awesome. From lunch we headed home to take naps. The girls were getting sleepy and us mom's were pretty tired to. Little Lady and I said good by to Jody and London and I put little lady down for a nap.  

As I sipped my Apple Juice from Apple Hill I thought, what a great day.

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Loving Wife to Matthew and Mommy to London said...

I have to say that they look pretty darn cute on the pumpkin♥