Monday, March 30, 2009

A little Late, but better late than never.

So last weekend I was supposed to go to San Diego to visit family and friends and to Celebrate my mom's 29th birthday!!! (haha love ya mom), but due to my little puppy being sick (he is ok now) I had to post pone my trip, so my mom came here, and boy did we have fun. I threw her a little birthday party and made a delicious cake (actually I don't know if it was good, didn't get to taste it, darn it lent...) opened presents and visited with family. 

Also, my mom took little lady swimming which was so fun, watched her in her ballerina class, went shopping and played dress up. We love having Nana here it was sad to see her go.  See you soon Nana.

Notice the Cake Says 29, I'm not sure of her real age, its not important.

Opening Present's! 

Group Photo with the birthday girl.

Doing her Kicks with Nana

Strike a Pose! 

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Loving Wife to Matthew and Mommy to London said...

That photo of Madeline Posing is priceless!! I ♥ it!