Friday, June 25, 2010

Well its been a while.... as usual. New Photos YAY!

So here are some new photos of the kiddos.
Whats been going on? Lady Bug had her first ever Dance Recital, she was absolutely fantastic and sooo cute. Little Man is getting sooo big and standing he can stand by himself for about 10 seconds. I will try to video it. Love and hugs.


Karen said...

It may have been awhile, but surly worth the wait.
Wow, from the looks of things you certainly have your hands full! Madeline gets prettier and prettier. Thomas has such a beautiful smile, and those eyes are so expressive. One thing for sure, I can tell they are loved and nurtured by their wonderful parents...Thanks for this lovely post.

Kristin said...

Oh fun pictures Nicole!!

nuschwartz said...

wow, so excited someone is reading my blog.