Friday, July 24, 2009


 Well this month Little Lady transitioned to a BIG girl bed. First we tried to convert her crib, to where the front railing is off, but that didn't work to well, she is to tall and kept falling out. So finally I took the full size bed from the spare room and made it her NEW big girl bed, and she loves it. It is quit cozy if I do say so myself. 

Our first attempt.
Story time
2nd and finally attempt
She loves it.

YAY, I'm a big kid now. 


Loving Wife to Matthew and Mommy to London said...

gotta love♥ the big girl bed. I know Londy sure does! Way to go Madeline!

Jenn said...

ohmygoodness! i cannot believe she is in a big girl bed! it looks SUPER cute!